We are undertaking a process of modernizing and re-equipping our institution in order to provide relevant and industry driven modern training solutions.


We are approved by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology to offer middle level courses at Certificate and Diploma levels.


We wish to make an appeal to well wishers to donate towards equipping and modernizing our learning and teaching resources like books, DVDS, CDS, LCDS, Laptops, Computers, Overhead Projectors, Internet resources for e-learning, Maps, Atlas, Reference books, Workshop Tools, machines, Lab Equipment, Motor Vehicles and Aircraft Engines and Components, Electronic Circuit Boards and Components, whether new, used or old, and finances as directed by donors/sponsors for research purposes.


We wish to assure and confirm that all donations shall be used purely for learning, teaching and research purposes only and donors shall freely visit the institute for monitoring, assessment and evaluation.


To find out how you can support KIAS or get more information email us on or call 0721223158


We look forward to your consideration and donations.




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